Miami Fishing

Miami is among the top ten spots for sport fishing. Florida has some of the best fishing in the world and a large number of tourists visit each year exclusively for fishing expeditions, hoping to catch the largest fish and sharks. The climate is perfect for enjoying the outdoors and many tourists take part in other activities like boat racing, too. It’s one of the best places to go to enjoy yourself and forget about daily worries for awhile.

Getting out on the water

The sport fishing business is booming in Miami and there are many companies that you can contract to take you out on the water. Boats of all sizes, types and price points leave port throughout the day. Hotels cater to fishers who want to spend more than one day in the city. With the such an active tourism industry, you’re bound to find good deals and discounts as the companies compete with each other to get your business.

Miami fishing does not have to be done by experts. In fact, the biggest number of people who come for this sport do not have a clue how fishing is done. There are however, experts who take this work seriously and is even a means of their livelihood. The many companies around this area offer trainers who give the visitors a few fishing lessons. Safety is also guaranteed for those who cannot swim as lifeguards are posted in almost every corner.

Why choose Miami for sport fishing?

There are so many other places in the world that offer this sport like Portugal, France, and Spain. What makes Miami so special, however, is the fact that fishing is not the only fun activity available in the city. For example, you can get out of the water and up into the air for balloon rides that fly you free through the air.

Fishing near Miami, Florida will expose you to some especially spectacular scenery. Watching the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean is an experience a person can never forget. During the day, the sea is an incredible bright blue that extends far to the horizon.

Also, rental ships in Miami are very cheap compared to prices in other countries. Plus, if you happen to be in the transportation business, the ports are a central location for that type of work and you can kill two birds with one stone: do business and have fun.

Where to fish in Miami

Some of the finest places in Miami for sport fishing include Miami Sport Fishing Club and the Haulover Park Marina Slip, where one can find good charters at cheap prices. Review website such as TripAdvisor will give you the names of many more places to do sport fishing in Miami.

In addition to fishing, there are so many more adventures that the Miami sea offers. Relax on the beach, go for a swim, or get a closer view of sea animals like dolphins, sharks, crabs, and turtles. You’ll see quickly why the area is so busy and why tourists long to return.

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Miami Fishing